Trail Building FAQ

by corbasecretarytreasurer on May 8, 2011

We’ve been out riding and recently saw that there was work done on a trail at Lowes Creek.  The last thing we need is for  rogue trail builders to head out on their own and create a situation where we lose the rights to build MORE trails.

Did you know that CORBA has agreements with Eau Claire and Chippewa Counties plus the Cities of Eau Claire and Altoona to maintain and build trails?  So what exactly does this mean you ask?  This means that CORBA has the right to develop and maintain the trails that all of us use for mountain biking (and trail hikes, etc.)  We also maintain the liability insurance that covers all trail builders.

Sometimes you may be riding along and have a great idea for a trail or think that there could be some work done on a trail.  Great!  Please get involved with CORBA to work on the trails.  All of the work done on the trails needs to be coordinated and approved (we also track our volunteer hours).  We are excited to welcome someone with the motivation to do the trail work that we saw being done at Lowes Creek so again, please get involved!


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