Lowes Creek: Trail Day success and opening up on May 12th

by jaylauraplummer on May 11, 2013

The first official Trail Day for 2013 was held this morning at Lowes Creek.  36 hardy volunteers braved fierce wind to clear all the downed trees and do a few re-routes.  Worm had vanished into the creek and had to be re-routed.  Some erosion re-work was completed on Start Me Up which leaves only one small gully to be bridged for that trail to be done/re-worked.

Lowes Creek will be open for riding on May 12th BUT you will see that some trails are still taped off and need to dry out.  Please respect the closings and we will open things up as soon as possible.  These trails include ReBench,  Onion, Skull, Ant Hill and Holy Roller.

Group rides will start on May 13th…meet at 5:45 and be ready to ride at 6pm at the West Entrance for Lowes Creek.  Remember these are no drop rides and everyone is welcome (helmets required).

Otter Creek and NWP are good to go but Hickory is still a bit too wet.

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