CORBA Seeking Candidates to Fill Board Positions

by Jereme on February 13, 2014

uncle-sam-bike-helmetDo you have ideas about trails and mountain biking that you’d like to see become reality?  Do you have a desire to be a part of your community’s solutions?  Do you feel like you’d be a good representative for riders and trail users in the Chippewa Valley?

If so, we want you.  Elections for CORBA’s Board of Directors are coming soon, and this is the official call for candidates to run for the following positions:

Vice President
Trail Marshal
Member at Large
Lowes Creek Trail Liaison (2 spots)
Otter Creek Trail Liaison (2 spots)
Northwest Park Trail Liaison (2 spots)
Hickory Ridge Trail Liaison (2 spots)

Board members are expected, at minimum, to attend a monthly board meeting, be a CORBA member and help determine the direction of the organization.  Duties specific to each position are as follows:

VICE PRESIDENT:  A 2-year term.  In the absence of the President, the Vice President will perform the duties of the President, such as supervising business and affairs of the organization, presiding over meetings, delegating authority and overseeing committees.  The current Vice President is Dean Roth, whose term is up, and who has chosen not to run for re-election.

TRAIL MARSHAL:  a 2-year term.  The duties of the Trail Marshal include working with land managers, assisting Liaisons in setting up trail days, overseeing equipment and tools, ensuring safety and trail building guidelines are followed and tracking and reporting volunteer hours.  The current Trail Marshal is Jay Plummer, who was appointed mid-term when the position was vacated.  Jay is planning to run for election.

MEMBER AT LARGE:  A 2-year term.  The Member at Large acts as a representative of the general membership and ensures that the board serves the best interests of the membership.

TRAIL LIAISON:  A 1-year term.  Each trail system is represented by two Trail Liaisons.  The Liaisons’ duties include coordinating trail work days, overseeing trail development and maintenance, leading volunteers and working with the Trail Marshal to ensure safety and trail guidelines are followed.  The current Lowes Creek Liaison is Laura Plummer, who is seeking re-election.  The current Otter Creek Liaisons are Dave Olson and Sue McDonald.  Dave is seeking re-election for Otter Creek, while Sue is not.  The Current Hickory Ridge Liaisons are Noah Michaelsen and Brian Kelley, both of whom are seeking re-election.  Both Northwest Park Liaison positions are currently vacant.

For full details regarding board member responsibilities, have a read through CORBA’s Bylaws.

If you would like to run for a position on CORBA’s Board of Directors, send your name and the position you’re running for to  Elections will take place at our Annual Meeting in March.

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