Pics of Lowes Creek 4/11/14

by jaylauraplummer on April 11, 2014

Here are some recent photos from Lowes Creek singletrack, which remains CLOSED to all users (bikers and walkers) until Eau Claire County says the thaw is complete.  We know that these next few weeks are some of the hardest to be a mountain biker.  The days are getting warmer and the bikes are chomping at the bit to hit dirt.  Riding on wet, thawing trails causes ruts which mean more time spent repairing them rather than riding them.  Please respect wet trails and do not ride (whether they are marked closed or not, it’s still not good to ride wet trails).

Lowes Creek is slowly melting its snow but the frost is not out of the ground… so looks can be deceiving!  Thank you for not riding wet trails!

ruts snowy singletrack


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