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CORBA becoming an IMBA Chapter

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8:19 pm
February 18, 2013


Eau Claire


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Question:   Can IMBA provide specific examples of
benefits, maybe using what some other clubs have done as examples.

Hansi:  Clubs have
found increased efficiency in gaining members. And have been able to Increase funds
by IMBA branding.  The benefit being a “national
affiliation”, clubs have received more grants that were made available at local,
state and Federal level due to affiliation with a nationally affiliated group.

Question:  To what
extent does IMBA offer graphic design support (posters for events, group rides,

Hansi:  IMBA has no
art dept., but they do have a system to bring your own imagery into a template
to create artwork. – One advantage being printing in volume to reduce costs for
larger events.

Question:  Are Trail Care
Crew visits limited to just Chapters now?

Hansi:   IMBA partners more with chapters.  Looking at $5k per weekend to mobilize the
crew and will be allocated to clubs that are within IMBA revenue chain.


Question:    In
Article III, Section 9 of the Charter, IMBA requires that we provide them with
attendance lists for events.

What information for each
individual are we required to give?

Hansi:   Basic sign up info, e-mail.

Hansi said he hasn’t actually used this info in his 4 years
of involvement, but it could be used to reach people who have volunteered or

Question:  Does this include non-member attendees?   

Hansi:  Yes

Question:  Will this sharing of information be a concern
to participants? 

Hansi:  If so, they
could limit how much info they give.



Question:  Regarding Article III, Section 12, do we need
an IMBA reference every time we use the CORBA name and/or logo?

Hansi:  We come up
with our own way of incorporating this.  It
IS reqd. that CORBA incorporate IMBA logos on event flyers, signage, literature,
web-page, garments etc.

Question:   In
Article III, Section 15, what does it mean that IMBA can “assume control of
Chapter finances”?

Hansi:  -if down the
road the partnership fails, member revenue will still be shared until the partnership
is fully dissolved.  Ie, that debt would
still be paid as long as club can make use of IMBA logo.


Question:  Regarding Article III, Section 16, does
CORBA’s insurance currently cover group rides? 
To what extent?

Hansi:  Depends on our
local insurance policy.  IMBA reqs we
have insurance, but it is not examined.  Largely
this is for trail-building events.  IMBA
doesn’t dictate what kind of insurance we are required to have, nor do they
know what we currently have.

11:17 am
February 12, 2013


Eau Claire


posts 4

The below are questions posed by a member of CORBA regarding the benefits of joining IMBA. 
HJ is Hansi Johnson: regional director of IMBA
Question:  Are TCC visits limited to just Chapters now?   
HJ:  Right now IMBA Chapters get first pick of TCC visits for sure.  After that I have been pushing the visits towards prospective Chapters, then clubs that are not yet Chapters.  
Question:  IMBA memberships within a certain geographic zone will also become CORBA memberships.  Has that geographic zone been determined yet?
HJ:  If I get a chance I can look and see what the IMBA membership in your region is.  For me to do that however I would need a list of zip codes or towns that you feel are in your Geographic region.  You determine that region, IMBA does not.  If for some reason you set your region to be extra large and it overlaps with other clubs then we will mention it to you and ask to have it changed.  Membership overlap will be minimal (IMBA-CORBA).  If you were say in Minneapolis or Madison it might be large, but even there we were talking hundreds not thousands.  So I am betting your looking at 50 or so folks, but who knows might be 100, but I would be really surprised.  Personally I would not sweat that number in the overall decision of becoming a Chapter.
Question:  Will CORBA have any say in how often our members receive general Trail Fund donation request mailings?
HJ:  As to the General Fund emails that are sent, that will not change, but you and all members do have the ability to opt out of those emails.  Just go into your profile and choose the opt out box and the emails will stop.
Question:  The FAQ document appears to be from 2009.  Have there been changes/updates since?
HJ  The FAQ is pretty general and those are still the core questions we get.  We are currently updating a lot of the materials but my bet is that 99% of what is on the FAQ will still be there.  That is just to get you up to date on the general ideas of the program, anything else (like all this stuff) just feel free to ask.
Question: According to the 2012 budget, CORBA netted about $3385.  Membership revenue accounted for $2060 of that.  My rough estimation is that participation in the Chapter Program will cause membership revenue to CORBA to drop about 50%.  A 50% decrease in 2012 membership revenue would have meant a 30% decrease in the net income, equaling net revenue of about $2370.  From a financial standpoint, is that kind of decrease sustainable in the long-term, or will CORBA need to focus more on fundraising in the future?
HJ:  As to your last questions on membership revenue my answer is yes, fundraising is key.  Most of my bigger and more organized clubs are fundraising above and beyond membership revenues.  Membership revenues are almost always meager compared to the money brought in via grants, fundraising and donations.  IMBA does not have any say over any of those funds and we do not share anything but membership revenues. 
(Dean): I would like to add that CORBA's largest infusion of money is from our events, the Firecracker, Powderkeg, etc.  The membership fees are not a large percentage of our total annual income.

Thanks for some great questions and more to come,


4:24 pm
February 8, 2013



posts 31

CORBA is considering becoming a Chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association.  Members will be voting on this at the CORBA meeting on Tuesday, February 19, 2013, at the Eau Claire County Expo Center.  Details of this topic can be found on the home page of the CORBA web site.

This thread has been created to allow members to ask questions and discuss the IMBA Chapter Program idea openly, prior to attending the meeting.  The CORBA board will do its best to get you the answers you need to make an informed vote.

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