>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Area 178 Map
For your eyes only.

Please find dossier: “Area 178″
The packet contained herein reveals that this installation abuts the Northern shore of the Chippewa River and Southwestern shore of Lake Wissota.  See map “Exhibit A”. Reconnaissance efforts have revealed an existing network of trails available for non-motorized use.  These trails have been in existence for many years. The mission CORBA has undertaken is to help the land managers develop these trails into an off-road, recreational jewel for hikers, bikers, geocachers or almost any other foot or pedal-powered propulsion standard-issue humans can handle.   There are several different owners on these properties and CORBA has begun negotiations with these owners to ensure a positive outcome for all.  This may well be a lengthy process, but the payoff will be worth it.  This area has been approved for non-motorized access and recreation, but NOT powered maintenance and trails construction.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Check out this area.  Parking is available along Highway 178 (Alias: Seymour Cray Sr. Blvd.) just north of the Chippewa River, or along Beach Drive.  Another access point is available at Chippewa Rod and Gun Park.  Hike or bike the trail nearest Lake Wissota.  Identify and navigate your way across the “slickrock” area.  See that tall fence with the barbed-wire?  Yeah, don’t go in there.

End transmission….


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