Northwest Park

In 2008, the city of Eau Claire approved plans for a new community park on the northwest side of town. Park developers asked the Chippewa Off-Road Bike Association to develop a system of mountain bike trails at this 120-acre site near the North Crossing and the Chippewa River.

NW Park June 5 2010Through numerous volunteer hours, the trails at Northwest Park (NWP) have become an awesome reality.  NWP has quickly become a favorite destination for winter fat-bikers as well as mountain bikers looking for a challenging and fun course to hone their skills on.

The majority of trail building has been completed as of 2012 resulting in approx. 6 miles of bike trails.  2013 will bring more opportunities to help with some finishing and maintenance work of the trail system at NWP.

Watch CORBA’s calendar for trail days and other volunteer opportunities.

Here is a map of Northwest Park that shows existing trails as of Fall 2012;

Northwest Park Map