April 2017 Updates

Spring Thaw and Trail Opening
Trails close every year for the spring thaw, and for the most part, once again, people kindly waited until the proper and/or suggested opening. Nothing worse than a 70 degree sunny day in early March, and having trails closed, but thank you for holding off! OK, there are many things a lot worse, but still.

In case you haven’t heard by now, trails are OPEN!

Group Rides
We have been posting group rides/happenings for all skill levels on dirt and pavement, etc. on the CORBA Trails Community Facebook page. The page gets a healthy amount of action, so check often and see what’s happening. Not sure if you caught it, but we just mentioned group rides on dirt (yes!) and pavement (what?!). Yep, sometimes a town ride on a weeknight isn’t the worst thing in the world. See a posted event that looks fun, but worried you might not know anybody? That’s what these events and pages are for!

***UPDATE: so far, two group rides into the season, and the turnout has been awesome, with tons of new faces!

New Board Members
First, a huge thank you to outgoing board members Danny Deetz and Jereme Rauckman, President and Treasurer, respectively. Danny and Jereme are both great guys and served CORBA and our membership furiously over the last four years. If you’re reading this, you probably know they were both more than just President and Treasurer. They were race directors, trail experts, event organizers, sponsorship managers, unpaid manual laborers, hard workers, and all around great dudes. Thank you guys (and everybody else) for putting (and keeping) CORBA in the best position to serve the trail-users in the area. Big shoes to fill, but we hope to see you two around!

Speaking of shoes to fill, I am honored to be named President, and am excited to begin my tenure with Geri Draz, new Treasurer,  and Matt Pierce, new Northwest Park Trail Liaison, along with the rest of the board. As I mentioned earlier, CORBA leadership (and membership!) once again worked their tails off so we can have a great 2017 and beyond. We are lucky to have great membership, along with awesome volunteer turnout at every event.

Off the top of my head, a couple of the big things coming up: managing the Lowes Creek clay pits proposal, the reroute of the collapsed boardwalk on Skull (at Lowes Creek), navigating the IMBA chapter changes, more informal rides/runs/events, housecleaning/admin stuff that isn’t super interesting. We will keep you posted on everything via social media, our website, and the posting of meeting minutes.

We look forward to seeing you on the trails!

– Andy Tyriver, President

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