January 18, 2010


You’ve got the chainring mark on your calf, but do you have the dirt under your fingernails? More trails. Better singletrack.  As mountain bikers we all want to see increased and enhanced opportunities to get out and ride.

CORBA volunteers are committed to making this happen, but we need your help. Come join other cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts at any of our trail work days.  No building experience is necessary, and you’ll discover that there’s no better pleasure than riding trails you helped build with your own two hands. Trails used by mountain bikers, hikers, snowshoers, trail runners, dog walkers and nature lovers of all ages.

If trail work isn’t your thing, or you’d just like to offer your time in other ways, you can do that, too. CORBA is looking for volunteers to lend a hand with:

  • event coordination
  • organizing social activities
  • marketing and communications
  • graphic design
  • sponsor recruiting and relationships
  • web site administration and/or design
  • grilling/food
  • carpentry
  • legal or financial advice
  • administration
  • photography
  • Chippewa Valley Firecracker Race

Remember, the trails you ride are the result of people like you volunteering a bit of their time to CORBA. Please, consider lending a hand alongside these fun-loving folks who share your love of mountain biking and the outdoors. You’ll feel good, help expand your trails, and make some new friends in the process.